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Tyler,Texas–Texas College will remember the life and legacy of slain civil right leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during a commemorative tribute program entitled “Dare to Dream.” The tribute will be held on Friday, January 16, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. in the College’s Martin Hall Auditorium. The program will feature poetic expressions and musical selections from the Texas College Concert Choir as well as feature keynote speaker, Rev. Mark Hood. This event is free and open to the public.


A native of Naples, Texas, Rev. Mark Hood accepted his call to the ministry at the age of 17, and was licensed to preach the Gospel on July 11, 1982. On October 7, 1983, one year later, Rev. Hood was ordained into full ministry at the Greater Bible Way Missionary Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. He has been in the ministry for 32 years, and has been pastoring for 31 years. He is in his 28th year at Liberty Missionary Baptist Church. He is the youngest of 15 children and one of five (5) brothers who are licensed, ordained Baptist preachers.


Upon completion of high school, Rev. Hood attended Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Biology in May of 1987. He is a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. In 1996, he received a Masters of Arts in Religion, at the BMA Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas. He has done post-graduate work on a Doctorate degree in Religion at the Houston Graduate School of Theology.


Rev. Hood is currently working at Texas College as the Associate Professor of Religion, and has been since 2006. He is the Youth Coordinator for the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education (Division II–ages 15-16), and the President of the Minister’s Conference of the Texas State Foreign Mission Convention. In 2005, he was inducted into the Pioneer’s Hall of Fame by Jarvis Christian College. Rev. Hood worked as Assistant Professor of Religionat Jarvis Christian College from August 2001 to August 2006.


He is married to the former Paula Price of Winona, Texas. They are proud parents of three children, Markeya, Mark II, and Montel.


On July 1987, Rev. Hood became pastor of the Liberty Missionary Baptist Church of Tyler, Texas. By the aid of the Holy Spirit, through faith and trust in God, Pastor Hood continues to minister the inspired Word of God to all mankind.


About Texas College (TC)

Texas College is a historically black college founded in 1894, by a group of CME ministers. Our mission, which continues to embody the principles of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, is to ensure that the student body experiences balanced intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual development, aimed at enabling them to become active productive members of society where they live and work. TC is led by its 23rd President Dr. Dwight Fennell. To learn more about Texas College, visit us on the web at www.texascollege.edu. For information regarding planned giving, endowed scholarships and sponsorships, please contact The Office of Institutional Advancement at 903.593.8311 ext.2270.





Tyler, Texas – TheTexas College Administration proudly acknowledges the 121st anniversary of uninterrupted service to students and the communityat-large.“We are proud of the of the College’s legacy,but most importantly, I am excited of the bright future of our College,“ states President Dwight J. Fennell.“ Texas College is currently in a building initiative that will increase our on campus housing capacity by 30% as well as enhance other facilities that will improve the student’s living and learning environment,” concluded Fennell.


One hundred twenty-one years ago in the spring of 1894, a group of ministers affiliated with the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church responded to the visionary leading of the Holy Spirit and found what is known today as Texas College. This founding represented the birth of an educational opportunity for a group of disenfranchised individuals in the city of Tyler located in the East Texas area.


The original charter was issued July 1, 1907 declaring Texas College an official educational institution. Texas College began to take flight as a Christ-centered institution designed to provide an education in a Christian environment for youth (males and females), equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to advance and excel above the norm. This included studies in all branches of literacy:scientific and classical education, training of teachers, music, commercial and industrial training, and agricultural and mechanical sciences. The study of theology was and still remains a mandated course for all students.


On June 12,1909, Texas College under went a name change. In honor of the leadership and educational interest of Bishop Henry Phillips, the school’s name was changed to Phillips University. This change was short lived, for actions for a name reversal occurred the following year in 1910 at the Third Annual Conference of the CME Church. In May1912, the college was once again officially named Texas College.


As the student population grew, Texas College continued to expand the enhancements and refinements of the educational enterprise to meet the needs of this growth. The Articles of Incorporation reflect such efforts with modifications and amendments during periods from1909-1968.


Today, Texas College continues to comply with its founding Christian principles in that she remains open to all individuals without discrimination on the grounds of national origin, race, religion, or sex who are in pursuit of an education in the areas of Arts and Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, preparation of teachers, and the provision of instructional support.



AboutTexas College (TC)

TexasCollegeisaHistoricallyBlackCollegefoundedin1894,byagroupofCMEministers.Ourmission,whichcontinuestoembodytheprinciplesoftheChristianMethodistEpiscopalChurch,istoensurethatthestudentbodyexperiencesbalancedintellectual,psychological,socialandspiritualdevelopment,aimedatenablingthemtobecomeactiveproductivemembersofsocietywheretheyliveandwork.TCisledbyits23rdPresidentDr.DwightFennell.TolearnmoreaboutTexasCollege,visitusonthewebat  www.texascollege.edu.Forinformationregardingplannedgiving,endowedscholarshipsandsponsorships,pleasecontactTheOfficeofInstitutionalAdvancementat903.593.8311 ext.2270.




Texas College Groundbreaking

Published on Thursday, 30 October 2014 20:57 - Written by By KELLY GOOCH kgooch@tylerpaper.com


With singing, prayer and uplifting words, Texas College ceremoniously broke ground Thursday on a new dorm and various other capital improvements.

Texas College board members, faculty/staff, alumni and students, along with visitors, friends of the college and community members, came together for the event, which took place on campus.

Texas College President Dr. Dwight J. Fennell called it “a very special moment in the life of the college.”

He said the planned capital improvement project has been years in the making, and now the college is ready for construction to take place.

“In 1894, a group of individuals perhaps stood in the same spots … to begin an educational process for them, a disenfranchised people. They began with a vision … to not only build a facility but implant in the livelihoods of a people the opportunity for educational and spiritual development…,” he said. “Now today, as we come together as a community of friends at a different time, but essentially for the same reason, ... I remain inspired by the history with what has been done, but I remain more motivated and excited about the future with the potential that exists for this institution.”

So, he said, as the college celebrates Phase 1 of a proposed four-phase initiative, it looks forward to completion of multiple projects.

He said Phase 1 includes a new dorm; redesigning a building and making it into a music hall; an expanded student center; the addition of a wellness center and the addition of a weight room complex and athletic complex; the renovation of Fair and Daniel halls; newly designed and expanded dining facilities; and the creation of a redesigned campus entrance.

“The new and renovated accommodations of Phase 1 mean new life for Texas College and … increased learning opportunities for our students and a community of friends,” Fennell said.

“The school had lost its accreditation and funding, and we really didn’t know what to do, but we did know that we serve a God who can do all things,” Christian said.

From 1998 until now, the college has transitioned and transformed, he said.

“Texas College has come a mighty long way,” he said. “Today, we are doing something that we have envisioned for years to come.”

Tyler Mayor Martin Heines congratulated the Texas College family and thanked students and staff of this college “that really touches the lives of so many young men and women that need educational opportunities.”

“Education is the answer not only for this country, but for this community,” Heines said. “So thank you for everything that you have done. You’ve increased the educational opportunity in our city, not only for our residents, but for residents all over this country.”

Tyler City Councilman Ed Moore said the Phase 1 project is a great testament to the long-range plans of the college, and it has to be a vision from the CME Church leadership and Fennell to embark on this building project.

He said the city has worked with the college, helping to improve the surroundings of campus, and has future plans to enhance the Texas College District through street improvements, new lighting and sidewalk improvements, among other things.

“The building project will increase campus population, therefore increasing the city population of Tyler, Texas,” Moore said. “We look forward to supporting Texas College as it continues to grow in this community.”

The Rev. Dr. Tyrone T. Davis, chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees of Texas College, talked to attendees about “waiting.”

He said the college once struggled for reaccreditation and financial stability, and a lot of the responsibility fell on the committee he oversaw.

“We had to come up with plans, and we had to make sure that things were stable within,” Davis said. “People kept saying, ‘But we need to do more.’ But we kept saying, ‘We have to wait. It’s not quite right.’ People kept saying, ‘Our young people deserve more.’ We had to say, ‘Yes, but we have to wait. The time is not quite right.’ People kept saying that there’s a change that’s needed. We had to keep saying, ‘We have to wait because the time is not right.’

“In that time, we were able to address the needs from the inside so that we could be prepared to afford the responsibility of …this building project. We did not do it by ourselves as a committee. The trustee board worked together and not with just the trustee board alone, but with the support of many others. Dollars came, commitments were made, and we were able to bring about the change that brings us to this day. So I’m happy today to join among others to say that…the waiting is over. We can now go to work and see the growth for the good of the young men and young women who will continue to make a difference in the life of our country with the educations that they receive here at Texas College.”

Texas College Student Government Association President Jeremiah Eutsey spoke on behalf of students, saying that there’s no better time for the groundbreaking celebration than around homecoming.

“The homecoming season reminds each and every one of us what Texas College has poured into our lives,” he said.

Eutsey said students are elated that building and renovation projects are beginning and look forward to future program possibilities.

“Remember, students, that every day is a great day to be a student, but today is a historic day in our life at Texas College,” Eutsey said.

The Phase 1 project is estimated to cost $20 million. Fennell said the college has pursued financing, and also has had contributions that have been raised through private gifts and philanthropic support.

The Texas College National Alumni Association is hosting a 5K walk/run at 7 a.m. Saturday at the campus; 2404 N. Grand Ave. Anyone interested may register online at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/texas-college-national-alumni-association-1st-5k-walkrun-building-for-the-future-tickets-11388973727 .

Proceeds will go toward Texas College capital improvements.

Phase 1 is expected to be complete by October 2015.


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