Measurement of Student Achievement

Texas College is an "open admission" institution that works with students of all ability levels. In the academic and professional development of students, the institution works aggressively to fulfill the “heart,” of the mission which is to “…ensure that the student body experiences balanced intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual development, aimed at enabling them to become active, productive members of society where they live and work.”

In pursuing this mission, Texas College has established four essential strategic directions for measuring student achievement:

  • Improving oral and written communicative skills  
  • Enhancing critical thinking and technology skills
  • Enriching leadership abilities and spiritual awareness
  • Creating opportunities for professional and post-graduate pathways

These strategic directions undergird the academic program offerings and experiential learning opportunities that are provided by a caring faculty and staff. To establish whether or not achievement takes place, the College embraces a rigorous assessment cycle that fosters data-driven decisions and best practices for teaching and learning.