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General Studies & Humanities

Division of General Studies Overview

The Division of General Studies and Humanities consists of General Studies, Languages and Literature, Liberal Studies, Music and Religion. In keeping with the liberal arts philosophy of Texas College, the Division of General  Studies and Humanities advocates that the social, intellectual, and creative heritage of humankind is  indispensable to the development of the total person and the  competent worker. Texas College offers the Associate in Arts degree with a major in General Studies and the Baccalaureate  degrees in majors of English, Liberal Studies, Music, and Religion.

OBJECTIVES: Objectives of the Division of General Studies and Humanities are to provide students with:

  • A knowledge and an understanding of their cultural heritage;
  • Good communication skills;
  • The ability to reason and use good judgment;
  • An awareness of and competency in various disciplines; and
  • Knowledge of value differences and a consciousness of  personal values, their implications in day-to-day decisions, and their relationship to the values of others and of other societies.

Division of General Studies and Humanities Brochure

Associate in Arts in General Studies

The General Studies major is a generalist major. It gives students exposure to the select historical developments, philosophy, and scientific and mathematical bases that are the foundation for today’s cultures and civilizations.  Students gain a better understanding of their undergraduate specialty as a result of experiencing various disciplines in General Studies. It prepares students for entry level employment in business, industry, government, and public service.  Once students successfully complete the requirements for the Associate in Arts degree, they may petition to continue in a baccalaureate degree program.

OBJECTIVES: The general studies program is designed to:

  • Enable students to gain a broad-based foundation in the arts, sciences, and humanities while having flexibility in developing their educational goals; and
  • Assist students in developing critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, research, and writing skills.

DEGREE PLAN: Associate in Arts in General Studies

Languages & Literature

The Languages and Literature Department offers a major in English and courses in Spanish, speech, developmental writing, and developmental reading.

OBJECTIVES: The Languages and Literature Department will:

  • Help students develop the ability to speak and write with clarity and correctness;
  • Help students develop the ability and the desire to listen, speak, and to read with understanding and discrimination;
  • Acquaint students with the principal ideas, trends, and forms of English, American, and world literature;
  • Familiarize students with the development of the English language; and,
  • Provide an intensive study of at least one author and one literary form.

THE ENGLISH MAJOR: There are two plans for those who wish to major in English: Plan I is the Standard Teacher Certification Program and Plan II is the non-teaching English Program. The Department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in English. 


Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies provides an opportunity for students to explore major social, cultural, economic, environmental, and political issues through the lenses of scientific inquiry, ethical consciousness,  historical contexts, and aesthetic awareness. The Liberal Studies major is for students who wish to pursue careers that utilize a broad liberal arts background, including government, public relations, journalism, criminal justice, small business management, non-profit service, and marketing.  The Liberal Studies program is an interdisciplinary concentration comprised of complementary fields of study in four focus areas. In order to complete the program students are required to complete an approved internship.  Students choose one focus area from the following options below, studying 12 upper level hours in each among three disciplines within the focus:

Liberal Studies Program Options

Focus Area (select one) Related Disciplines
Business and Technology Business Administration, Computer  Science, and Mathematics
Communications and Fine Arts English, Music, and Spanish
Social and Professional Sciences Business Administration and Social Science
Technology and the Environment Computer science, Natural/Environmental Science, and Mathematics

Music Program

The General Studies and Humanities Department offers academic studies in music as well as courses that provide exposure in art and drama in the development of a cultured and well-rounded human being. The broad course offerings provide preparation in a liberal arts education.  The Department makes available to students a rich variety of human experiences in these areas. The course offerings in art,  music, and drama foster the awareness of the human potential for creativity, imagination, and appreciation for beauty.  These courses provide exposure to works representative of ideas and values through the ages.  The Department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Music.

OBJECTIVES: Music Program students are:

  • Provided the competencies, skills, techniques, and pedagogical concepts necessary to produce a good musician;
  • Offered opportunities for acquaintance, training, and participation in music; and
  • Provide an opportunity for students to interpret and create, to the highest level individual and group performances.



The vision of the Religion program is to empower those seeking to serve in Christian ministries by providing a broad intellectual foundation.  The Department of Religion nurtures an informed, rich, and committed interest in Biblical teachings and theology. The program enables students to have the preparation needed for advanced study in a seminary or divinity school.

OBJECTIVES: The Religion program offers students the opportunity to:

  • Learn the basic tenets of Christianity;
  • Understand the development of the Bible; and
  • Understand the development of the Christian church.


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