Fall 2020 College Calendar

Thursday, July 09, 2020
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College Calendar

Fall 2020 College Calendar

To view or download the Fall 2020 College Calendar in a PDF format, click here.

August 3 – 11

Fall Registration Begins for All Students (Online Registration Only)

August 12

First Day of Class (Online)

August 12

Late Registration Begins (Fee Applies)

August 12 – 14

Timeframe to Add/Drop a Course

September 1

Spring 2021 Graduation Application Opens

September 7

Labor Day Holiday (No Classes/Offices Closed)

October 5 – 9

Fall 2020 Mid-Term Examinations

October 23

Final Day to Withdraw from a Course with a "W" Designation

October 26

Student Pre-Registration for the Spring 2021 Semester Begins

November 13

Final Day to Withdraw from the College

November 13

Final Day to Remove an Incomplete "I" Status from the Immediately Preceding Semester Before the "I" is Converted to an "F" Letter Grade

November 16 – 20

Fall 2020 Final Examinations

November 20

End of the Fall 2020 Semester