Innovative Student Support Services Launched

Friday, December 01, 2023
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Texas College has launched a newly invigorated Student Support Services (SSS) Program, which employs an overarching “umbrella” approach. This SSS Program provides services that truly advocate for students; enhances educational experiences by engaging the students; improves academic success through services provided; and promotes student growth and development through partnerships within the College and in the community. The SSS Program also contributes to the culture and framework of the College by contributing to the core values of Texas College, which are Academic Excellence, Integrity, Perseverance, Social Responsibility, Tolerance, and Community Service.

The mission of the Texas College Student Support Center is to facilitate a supportive environment for academic success and personal enrichment through proactive and individualized services available to all students beginning at the first semester of enrollment through graduation. Participants are challenged to take charge of their learning and develop skills that enable them to enhance their lives and experience academic excellence.

The program goals for the 2023-2024 academic year are:

  1. Increase student access, engagement, persistence, retention, and success through more integrated and comprehensive student services.
  2. Improve student awareness of college services, information, activities, and programs.

Major functions will be outlined as supporting the College’s mission by helping to improve the quality of student learning, reduce students “stopping out,” and promoting academic performance.

Major Functions:

  • Lead Student Services team in assessment, planning, and reporting;
  • Student communications: program marketing;
  • Enhance student engagement;
  • Compile, address, and assess students’ progress;
  • Promote Student Services across the campus; and
  • Collaborate with divisions and units in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to promote and provide student activities, clubs, and organizations.

An added feature of the program is the Career Center to assist students in making career and life planning choices. Students seeking assistance in career choices aligned with their major, or in gaining skills, are aided by the Career Center in the career search process. Moreover, students are encouraged to visit the Career Center and explore the wealth of career and job search information available, inclusive of internet-based and computerized career guidance programs.

Engagement programs such as resume writing, interviewing skills, and appropriate business attire have been implemented and are designed to help Texas College students acquire the skills necessary for successful job searching, as well as to connect students with potential employer contacts.

Major Functions:

  • Provide career interest and personality assessments;
  • Provide job and labor market information;
  • Provide information on nontraditional career options;
  • Pre-employment services: job readiness workshops, resume writing, interview skills;
  • Host quarterly workshops to provide students with information about appropriate interview skills and attire;
  • Host annual/biannual Career Fair;
  • Provide career and employment outreach to division classrooms, through the Academic Symposium (College Assembly), and to local schools and various community partners;
  • Post job openings through social media and physical publications;
  • Provide assistance/computers for students to update resumes and search/apply for jobs online; and
  • Assist employers with finding suitable employees.

The Student Support Services Program provides academic support services for Texas College students by providing academic support, tutoring services, and testing accommodations for students who have disclosed that 504 accommodation services are needed. Under the American Disabilities Act and Section 504, a person is an individual with a disability if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. In order for academic accommodations to be received, students are required to provide documentation to the Office of Academic Affairs regarding their disability and identify their needs. Examples of available services could include adaptive equipment, audio textbooks, interpreters, note takers, readers, and/or special testing accommodations.

Tutoring services are also offered for general education courses, as well as major areas. However, tutoring is also supported with engagement activities that help students with skills and practice for studying, organization, time management, test preparation, and note taking.

Ms. Dewanna Turner has moved to the Student Support Services Center as Director and Mr. Jeff McCormack will be joining the Texas College Family as the Student Support Service Specialist.

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