JAMP Provides Preparation & Support for Admission to Medical School

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Texas College continues to offer opportunities and pathways for students interested in medicine and careers in healthcare. In this regard, the College is pleased to continue its 18-year membership with the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP).

JAMP is a uniquely Texan pipeline for students interested in becoming physicians. The program is designed to minimize challenges for highly qualified, socioeconomically disadvantaged Texas resident students by providing the financial support and mentoring necessary for success. Specifically, the program helps students achieve their dream of becoming a physician through:

Additionally, the JAMP Partner Advisors will: 

  • Assist the school in recruiting eligible undergraduate students for admission to the program;
  • Establish an application process for admitting eligible undergraduate students to the program;
  • Award summer stipends to eligible participants to attend summer internship programs following the student's sophomore and junior years;
  • Match each eligible participant and program alternate student to a participating medical school for an undergraduate mentoring program;
  • Match each eligible participant to a summer internship offered by participating medical schools during the summers following the student's sophomore and junior years;
  • Assist in developing services to support and encourage the pursuit of a medical education by participating students; and
  • Comply with all Texas and federal privacy and confidentiality laws, including Texas Government Code Section 552.114, that are applicable to any information collected from or on behalf of participate or applicants for participation, including information collected from the school. 

Students who wish to apply for admission to JAMP must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student in a Texas institution of higher education not later than the first fall semester following graduation from high school or a home-schooled program.
  • Apply for Federal Financial Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) and have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) up to $8,000.
  • Complete at least 27 hours of undergraduate credit.
  • Earn a 3.25 grade point average (GPA) or higher, as well as a 3.25 GPA in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math courses.
  • Meet with the JAMP Faculty Director (JFD) at the school they are attending who will provide academic advising and assistance in applying to JAMP.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident and be a Texas Resident.

For Texas College students interested in JAMP, please contact:

  • Dr. Mamta Gupta | mgupta@texascollege.edu | (903) 593-8311, ext. 2247
  • Ms. Linda Johnson | lljohnson@texascollege.edu | (903) 593-8311, ext. 2360
  • Ms. Dewanna Turner | dturner@texascollege.edu | (903) 593-8311, ext. 2704
  • Dr. Jan Duncan | jduncan@texascollege.edu | (903) 593-8311, ext. 2335