The Next Generation of Steers

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
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The College is pleased to learn of two new undoubtedly stellar students that have selected Texas College as their institution of choice to continue their educational journeys, as well as their extracurricular pursuits. Texas College excitedly welcomes Miss Angel Cummings, senior at Woodville Tompkins Career and Technical High School in Savannah, Georgia, and Mr. Artis Edwards, senior at Crockett High School in Crockett, Texas. Both have chosen to attend Texas College this fall, bringing their prominent talents to 2404 North Grand Avenue.

Edwards recently formalized his decision by signing a National Letter of Intent to play football for the Steers as a defensive lineman. His athleticism and gridiron aptitude will serve as an asset for the Steer defense this fall. Congruently, as an entering freshman this fall, Cummings will also be joining the Texas College Choir. As evidenced by her notably growing audience on social media platforms, she brings high-caliber vocals that will further elevate and enhance the Choir. Aside from their respective extracurricular expertise and noteworthy abilities, they both also also have a knack for the classroom and will be bringing their intellectual forte with them. While passionate about perfecting their crafts, they both understand the importance of academics as well, demonstrated by their straight-A’s and 3.0 plus GPA’s. These future Steers personify the College's Core Values of Academic Excellence and Perseverance, carrying an unwavering drive and multifaceted focus on academics and extracurriculars will undoubtedly fuel their success as students at Texas College.