EPP Benchmarks/Checklist

Texas College Educator Preparation Program Benchmarks/Checklist

Upon Entering Texas College

All students entering Texas College who are seeking Teacher Certification must meet with an advisor in the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies-Div. of Education.

Beginning the program (Must have 59 SCH and a minimum career GPA of 2.75)

During the first semester of education courses, complete application to the Educator Preparation Program.

During Level I-A & Level I-B

Level I a (To be completed during the Freshman Year):

1. The college will Identify students seeking Teacher Certification

2. Students will attend core classes in Teacher Education Learning Communities

3. The Division of Education will present Orientation sessions during the Freshman Seminars.

  • Attend required Orientation to the Texas College Educator Preparation Program.

During Level II

Level II (To be completed by the Second Semester of Sophomore Year):

  • Enroll and successfully complete the following courses:
  • EDUC 2301 Foundations of the Teaching Profession
  • EDUC 2302 Understanding Diversity in Education

Candidate seeking to teach specific subject content including math or science at grade 7 or above, must have completed 15 semester credit hours. If teaching below grade 6, must have completed 12 semester hours.

During Level III

Level III (To be completed during the Junior Year)

1. Minimum of 59 credit hours with a career GPA of 2.75

2. Complete an Application to be admitted to the Texas College Educator Preparation Program. The following information should be submitted along with the application:

  • Three letters of reference from your College Professors/Work Study Supervisor (signed)
  • Interview with Teacher Education Admission Committee.
  • An official College transcript
  • Copy of Degree Plan
  • Oral Proficiency Questionnaire
  • An autobiography (Typed using Microsoft Word (12 pitch)
  • A Philosophy of Education (Typed using Microsoft Word (12 pitch)
  • Resume
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Copy of State ID
  • Signed Educator Code of Ethics

3. Thirty (30) hours of Observation in an agreed upon classroom setting that corresponds to your Certification Area. A signed attendance record must be turned in documenting attendance.

4. Successfully complete all content and PPR courses with a C or better.

5. Complete content area course requirements

6. Attend required workshops and seminars for test preparation

7. Once all content courses or PPR courses are completed, students must request and complete the certifyteacher online program which is part of the Capstone Course (EDUC 4303).

8. Take and pass certifyteacher Practice Exam with a minimum of 80% accuracy.

9. Submit test results to Division of Education to obtain approval to take the TExES Content exam through the certification officer.

10. Take and pass the TExES Content exam student teaching course prerequisite.

11. The Content TexES Exam must be taken and passed prior to clinical teaching.

12. Complete Clinical Teaching Application and request a Clinical Teaching assignment.

During Level IV

Level IV (To be completed during the Senior/Final Year):

  1. Complete all program requirements to be considered a Program Finisher.
  2. Receive and complete the College graduation packet.
  3. Apply for Standard Teaching Certificate through TEA at www.tea.state.tx.us.