Steer Advanced Program (SAP)

The Texas College Steer Advanced Program (SAP) is a program designed specifically for returning Texas College students who previously attended but did not complete their degree.  This is your chance to finish what you started! 

The SAP invites select students to participate who have previously experienced extenuating situations that have led to their inability to graduate. The SAP will:

•           Offer on-line courses; however, for select majors in-class attendance may be necessary;

•           Special advisement will be offered and monitored; and

•           Scholarship assistance offered to assist with tuition (fees not included).

Kindly note that because the SAP is a “pilot” program, it has stipulations that must be adhered to. Such stipulations include: 

•           Readmission of the student: all participants must be approved by the Admission Committee; therefore, a narrative of your desire to complete your degree is needed.

•           Students must enroll in a minimum of 12-15 hours, but credits taken cannot exceed 18 hours.

•           Students must complete the FAFSA and qualify for financial aid prior to course registration and/or qualify to be deemed a “cash paying student.

•           All students will be assigned an academic advisor and must adhere to advisor’s counsel.

•           Students while enrolled must attain and maintain a minimum of a 2.5 term – and cumulative grade average to remain eligible for the program.

The SAP is student focused, with the expectation that matriculates will complete his/her program within a two-year period or less. Students enrolled in the Steer-SAP, may also qualify for academic scholarships (when they exist).

Click on the links below to apply for SAP, fill out your FAFSA and also for scholarship assistance as well.

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Those returning students who are interested in our Steer Advanced Program for Texas College, please apply here:  Application for Steer Advanced Program (SAP)

To complete your Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA), click here:  FAFSA

To apply for the Texas College SAP Scholarship Assistance Program, returning students may click here:  Scholarship Assistance Application Form