Student Accounts Receivable

Location: Martin Hall, 1st floor
Phone: 903-593-8311 ext.2274
Fax: 903-592-2342

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Student Accounts Receivable encompasses the activities of billing students, processing bills and handling transactions affecting accounts receivable. Student accounts not paid within thirty (30) days after commencement of the semester are considered ''past due'' by the College unless appropriate arrangements have been made for payment.

The Student Accounts Receivable handles the following areas for student accounts:

  • Student account billing and adjustments
  • Analysis of student accounts
  • Collections on current balances owed to the College
  • Refunds on overpayment of financial aid to the student


Student tuition and fee charges are recorded on line as part of the Jenzabar integrated accounting process. During the registration process, charges are assessed as the students choose classes. The Jenzabar software calculates tuition and fees charged to each student's account. Students are expected to pay all tuition and fees at the time of registration for classes or to have made other satisfactory arrangements for payment i.e. scholarship, financial aid, etc. In extreme circumstances and on a case by case basis, deferments may be issued to College students who cannot meet their total financial obligation.

If, during registration, a student is unable to pay 100% of the amount due for tuition and fees, it is the student's responsibility to confer with a Financial Aid counselor during the registration process. If it is determined that the student meets the criteria to qualify for financial assistance, those qualifications will be noted in writing by Financial Aid Office personnel and the student may continue the registration process by presenting an financial award letter to the Business Office.


Collection efforts are undertaken by the College in cases where students do not comply with College payment policies or terms of a specified agreement between the student and the College. The Business Office generates student statements at least twice a semester for those students who owe money to the college which shows all charges and credits to a student's account for the current semester. A student who leaves the College, for any reason, with an outstanding balance must immediately contact the Business Office to arrange for payment of the outstanding balance. Call (903) 593-8311 ext. 2274. Students who fail to contact the Business Office will receive one reminder notice mailed to their last billing address. Failure to respond will necessitate the forwarding of the account to a collection agency.

The statement doubles as a ''bill'' or ''invoice'' for those students who do not pay the full cost of their tuition and fees at the time of registration. Student bills are a reflection of tuition and fees as well as any other charges associated with each student, i.e. room and board, library fees, housing fees, insurance fees, etc. Student bills also reflect payments made on the student account through financial aid or payments made by or on behalf of the student. It is imperative that the College has the most recent address for each student to ensure receipt of student bills. If you have any questions regarding your student bill or statement, please contact the office for assistance.

Please be aware that no transcripts will be released for future employment or transfer to other colleges unless the account is paid in full. If there were no payment arrangements made with the Business Office to pay off the balance, we place your account with a collection agency and it could damage your credit rating and additional legal action could be taken. In order to resolve this matter without involving a collection agency, either pay the total amount or work out payment arrangements. We offer various flexible payment plans.

MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN - Call 903-593-8311 Ext. 2274. You must complete a Texas College Monthly Payment Plan Contract in order to enroll in the plan.

Account Analysis

An analysis of student accounts is done once or twice a month. The analysis is done to correct any discrepancies when posting to a student’s account. Students are encouraged to contact the business office for further information regarding their account.

Student Account Adjustments

Account adjustments are made to a student's account when charges are being placed or removed or when errors have been found during the account analysis. In some cases, adjustments are initiated by housing, campus safety, student affairs, library or facilities for fines accumulated by the student. If you have questions about your student account, please contact business office to schedule a review.

Refunds of Title IV Funds

34 CFR Section 668.164 (e) states whenever Title IV funds exceeds the amount of tuition and fees, room and board, and other authorized charges the institution assessed the student, the institution must pay the resulting credit balance directly to the student or parent no later than 14 calendar days after the credit balance occurred. The Business Office is committed to follow the following procedure to ensure student credit refund checks are issued to the students within 14 calendar days:

  • Each Friday the Business Office determines if students have credit balances;
  • Once it has been determined that students have credit balances, check request refund forms are submitted to the Financial Aid Office for approval and verification of funds to be disbursed;
  • Upon receiving approval from the Director of Financial Aid, the check request refund forms are forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office for the refund checks to be generated;
  • The following Friday refund checks areissued to students either VIA checks or debit card.

The Business Office issues student refund checks each Friday after 12:00 PM. Students should monitor their account VIA their JICS portal, the cashier will not disclose whether you have a refund or not. Texas College student ID Cards are required for release of checks. Students wishing to have their checks picked up by another must send authorization request in writing. Any changes or charges made to your student account once refunds are issued are the responsibility of the student. These changes or charges may include the following: student tuition, room charges, fines or a reduction in financial aid.

Student Account Adjustment (Census Date)/Withdrawal from College

Texas College does not prorate student tuition and fees based on when a student withdraws from school. Students withdrawing through the eleventh (11th)class day of the semester are not charged; withdrawals on or after the twelfth (12th) class day of the semester results in the student being liable for tuition and fees for the entire semester.