Graduation Rate Report

Texas College

Graduation Rate Report


Texas College is pleased to provide the graduation rates of students. This information is reported annually to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) with the Department of Education; however, in keeping with the mandatory reporting of IPEDS the data only includes those students who are first-time/first-year freshman.


It is to be noted that Texas College as an open admission institution, recruits, retains and graduates students in multiple categories. Moreover, the college’s calculation of graduation data includes:

  • Students who are first-time/first-year freshman;
  • Students who enroll with part-time status (i.e., course loads less than 12 hours);
  • Students who enroll during the spring term of the school year;
  • Students who transfer from other institutions ( i.e., both junior colleges and 4-year institutions); and
  • Students who are re-admitted (i.e., there has been a break in attendance because of an extenuating or unfortunate situation).


For your information the institutional graduation data follows: