Texas College Vision

The vision of Texas College is to establish within her, an environment that embraces a culture of learning. Such a culture addresses the teaching and learning process that under girds academics, athletics, services and supports that are beneficial to our students, the broader community, and our stakeholders at-large.

The vision embraces professionals who are: 1) integral to the academic preparation of students; 2) deliberate in teaching (and learning) that leads to content maturation and personal development of learners; and 3) passionate about the skill development and readiness of students for entry into the job market and/or graduate school.

The culture of learning also embraces the raising of standards and expectations of academic delivery, while also demonstrating values, morals and spiritual development that enhances life. The culture of learning encompasses the address of mechanisms and supports for retention, of both our students (who desire an education) and our professional family, who give of themselves.

The vision of Texas College represents a commitment to working and interacting with groups, organizations and communities. This interaction can assist with enriching the further development of our students, staff and faculty; while also contributing to the enrichment of the community. Simply stated, the vision of Texas College is to "Enhance the Culture of Learning," for the benefit of a better society.