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First and Second-Year Experience

The Student Learning Center (SLC) provides academic assistance for all Texas College students and monitors the progress of first and second year students.

Texas College (TC), an open enrollment institution, has as its goal the providence of a quality, liberal arts education. The function of the (SLC) is to support the mission of Texas College in developing balanced, well-rounded graduates who are prepared for the contemporary challenges which confronts this generation. As such, the SLC has one focus—to enhance student learning. Housed in the Moody Science & Business Center (MSBC) building, the SLC aggressively manages the following vital components:

Our tutorial team provides an invaluable service to all Texas College students. Tutoring services, in virtually every subject offered at TC, are provided to assist students with sharpening their academic skills. The SLC has entered into a tutoring collaboration with neighboring high schools. Our students benefit from this joint effort both by tutoring high school students and by earning remuneration for their services.

The SLC makes every effort to be proactive in identifying students who may require additional support. An early-alert system has been set in motion to monitor students’ progress by flagging poor attendance and low grades. This approach to sustainability confronts potential dropouts with an encounter of hope and attempts to redirect them to the path of academic success.

The First-Year Seminar (FYS), which is a two (2) credit semester-long course, prepares first-year and first time students to not only cope with the rigors of their college experience, but to thrive and be successful in their college career. The FYS accomplishes this by engaging in student assessment, teaching success strategies, and exposing them to TC’s policies, procedures, & services.

Academic advising of first-year students comprises another crucial component the SLC. At TC each first-year student is assigned a specially trained first-year advisor. Some students possess a false perception about their abilities. Working to dispel common student-perceived myths improves sustainability. Research shows that good advising may be the single most underestimated exercise in the academy.

Additional Initiatives

  • The SLC has implemented the Texas College and John Tyler High School Tutorial Partnership; whereby, Texas College students tutor John Tyler High School students.
  • The SLC has also implemented the school-wide computer based Skills Tutor Program.  This on-line tutorial program is presently being utilized to tutor students in the SLC. Around 1,000 students visited the SLC each month. All faculty members may use software as a teaching tool. The tutorial software is being placed on computers in the library, Glass Building and the Living / Learning Centers in the dormitories. Students may use the tutorial program seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day and at off campus facilities.
  • The SLC provides students on academic probation with two hours of tutorial services each week.