Student Learning Center

Texas College is an open enrollment institution aiming to provide a quality, liberal arts education. The Student Learning Center (SLC) is housed in the library and ensures academic assistance for all Texas College students.  The function of the SLC is to support the mission of the College in developing balanced, well-rounded graduates who are prepared for the contemporary challenges confronting this generation. As such, the SLC has one focus—to enhance student learning.  

SLC’s tutorial team provides an invaluable service to all Texas College students. Tutoring services, in virtually every subject offered, are provided to assist students with sharpening their academic skills.  

The SLC makes every effort to be proactive in identifying students who may require additional support. An early-alert system has been set in motion to monitor students’ progress by flagging poor attendance and low grades. Special efforts are made in monitoring the progress of first and second year students. 

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